Herbal Anxiety Gout Treatment Joints


For over 2000 years mankind has been plagued by a terrible complicated disease called Gout. Gout is a type of arthritis that causes the inflammation of the joints. There is no precise reason as to why this disease can occur. There has been difficulty in understanding the actual cause of this disease. Not all gout cases have been cured and not all gout cases that are cured have a single remedy for cure. There are different remedies that can cure gout for different people.

Causes of Gout:

The actual term gout is defined as the accumulation of certain deposits of Monosodium urate crystals (monosodium urate from uric acid and a compound of sodium) and certain proteins in the kidney, tendons, joints and other areas. Gout is most common in joints of the feet (big toe), elbows, knees, ankles, and wrists as well. If not taken care of over time these crystals begin to form tophi which are knobbly shaped lumps of crystal. When this happens the case of gout worsens as the level of uric acid is very high in the body.

The uric acid in the body is formed in two ways. One is produced from our diet which is called purines and the other is formed in the liver. The purines are formed according to the food we eat and the beverages we drink. The amount of uric acid formed in the lever depends on the persons biochemistry. Uric acid does not have a negative effect on the body unless one has gout. Uric acid usually acts as an antioxidant in our bodies. As an antioxidant it destroys the threat of radicals which if not kept in control can cause damage to our cells.

Effect of Uric Acid In our body:

It is important to know that the level of uric acid in our body does not depend on the amount of food we eat or drink. It depends on the amount of uric acid that exists in our tissues and blood and on how much we excrete. In a simple formula the level of uric acid is equal to the supply minus the excretion.

Supply - excretion = level of uric acid in body

It is known that around 70% of the uric acid in our body is filtered through our kidneys and leaves the body through urine while the balance 30% dissolves in the intestines with the help of bacteria. The level of uric acid in our body gradually increases over the years.

The gout expert states that the level of uric acid is caused more by the level of excretion than the level of intake or supply.

The one thing that is common in most gout cases is the fact of not expelling enough uric acid from the body. Thus it is important to get rid of it than self manufacturing it through food and beverages. If one does not remove it then the level of uric acid keeps on increasing which ultimately leads to excess of uric acid in body called hyperuricemia.

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