Acute Stress Disorder Holly Madison Break Up

Research shows that effective nap can improve brain metabolism, so as to make overworked brain nerve in the morning obtain more sufficient fresh blood and oxygen. For old people, regular noon break can reduce the incidence of angina, cerebral infarction. Nevertheless the premise is the right way, or things go contrary to your wishes. Especially the old man is easiest to make four errors.

One, some old people force themselves to not have noon break. Some old man is afraid to be unable to sleep at night, so even if he or she is so sleepy in the noon, he or she also insists on not sleeping. Actually, proper time of lunch break won't affect sleep in the night, but not sleeping makes the brain excessively tight, more tired.

Two, to sleep at random. Some old man feels lunch break is narrowed for a moment, on sofas or couch, even over the desk to fell asleep. This way is not advisable. To sleep on the sofa will reduce blood supply of the brain, after sleep you will have the phenomenon of dizziness, vertigo, and so on, especially for old man with cervical spondylosis. Noon break should not be random, even a nap, you also try to lie down on the bed, wear comfortable clothes, and cover a quilt to sleep.

Three, sleep too long. The old people's nap time had better not exceed 1 hour. If time is too long, brain central nervous can deepen inhabitation, prompt losing time of brain capillary too long, reduce the blood flow volume of the brain, and make metabolic process relatively slow gradually, resulting in whole uncomfortable condition and much heavier after waking up.

Fourth, to immediately sleep after lunch. After lunch at noon, gastrointestinal peristalsis speeds up, which makes a large number of blood in the body centralize in digestive system, oxygen supply of the brain decline significantly, so it is unfavorable immediately to sleep for the old. They should generally fall asleep half an hour later after the lunch.

In addition, we should pay attention to the following points about noon break: to avoid greasy food before sleep; the old cannot eat too full, it will affect heart normal contraction and relaxation if they eat too full; Greasy food will increase blood viscosity, and aggravate coronary artery disease; after lunch break they should firstly do mild activity in bed, massage for5-10 minutes in the front area of the heart and the chest, slowly sit up, then drink a cup of water.

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